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Pie Chart of Funds Available for Moral Screening

Now with Morningstar data, you have access to reports on over 18,000 funds, including fund of funds, ETFs, and Variable Annuities.
(Data as of March 1, 2021)

Pie Chart of U.S. Traded Stocks that are Morally Screened
United States

Ensure the companies you’re investing in are clean. Less than 8% of U.S. equities violate our screens.
(Data as of March 1, 2021. This figure does not include ADRs.)

Pie Chart of International Stocks that are Morally Screened

Do you or your clients own international equities? You can find detailed reports on over 21,000 international equities to determine if you’re investments are conflicting with your values.
(Data as of March 1, 2021)

What Do Your Investments Say ABout You?

Learn how easy it is to identify your clients’ investments with eVALUEator’s moral and ethical screens. In seconds, you can search through the stock and mutual fund universe and provide your clients with a clear picture of how well their investments align with their values.

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Advanced Mutual Fund
$600 / year

Designed for the advisor who mostly uses mutual fund type products but wants more information concerning the holdings and how they may violate their client's values.

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Professional Mutual Fund
& Equity Screening
$1,600 / year

Our premium service, giving advisors access to all of our tools for a complete analysis of both mutual funds and stocks.

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Portfolio Manager

Advanced Mutual Fund
Starting at $5,000 / year

This ultimate level allows portfolio managers unlimited access to all research and reporting to build faith-based investment products.

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  • 21Jul

    Basic Gold Training

    This webinar is a pre-recorded webinar open to the general public. Take a tour of our advanced GOLD subscription to see how this tool can help you align investments biblically. [ watch ]


  • I cannot tell you how many times the reports we have printed off have helped us close the sale. The Evalueator has closed over 4 million in sales. The latest being this week, with the possibility of another $400,000.

    Thumnail Photo of B. Wayne Burke, President of Burke Financial Group

    - B. Wayne Burke
    President of Burke Financial Group

  • For our clients that want to align their money with their Biblical values the eVALUEator has been an essential tool to screen their existing investments.

    Thumnail Photo of John Young, Advisor with Horizon Financial Solutions

    - John Young
    Advisor with Horizon Financial Solutions

  • Responsible investors realize that their financial decisions affect the future, for themselves, their children and their children's children.

    Thumnail Photo of Mark Minnella, President of Integrity Investors, LLC

    - Mark Minnella
    President of Integrity Investors, LLC

BRI Firms

We are pleased to have the opportunity to work with these christian investment firms providing investors a biblically responsible investment alternative.

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Understanding the difference between investing and biblically responsible investing.